Our professional training division delivers latest technical and managerial skills training. Our professional training to the corporate world and others help to meet the ever changing demands in the business world. Our experience in training design as well as teaching in universities and high level training deliveries make us the best in the field. The professional training that we offer are designed to equip professionals in various specific skills. Our professional training is offered in highly interactive two formats:


The training that we provide in the form of workshops is mostly focused on technical issues and  are attended by lower level of management, engineers and practitioners.


The training that we provide in the form of master-classes is more relevant to C level executives and senior management and focuses on more strategic issues.

Both the workshops and master-classes are highly interactive programmes with participants actively engaging in activities to embed the learning being delivered by thought leaders, industry leaders or experts. Moreover, you will learn through a combination of case studies, collaboration and group projects and round table discussions.

We offer a wide range of professional training courses designed to give you the skills and strategic edge your industry demands. Our course content is always fresh, never generic and continually updated to ensure our curriculum reflects the up to the minute innovation and trending issues in the field. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals or expand your knowledge with advanced training, we’ve got a programme for you!

Our curriculum is presented by industry leaders and academics that have the right expertise to deliver real business advantage. Learn from the first-hand experience of Directors, C-levels, acclaimed authors, entrepreneurs, consultants and economists – our diverse faculty means your training will be as unique as it is relevant. We offer both in-house and external training.

Benefits of In-house Training:

We come to you

Team building

Train and inspire your entire team in-house

Get practical solutions that fit your unique business model

Save money, time and hassle of traveling to training location

We design and deliver training tailored to your specific business needs and the knowledge level of your team

Training materials, models, case studies and more

Ideal for four or more employees from same company

Benefits of External Training:


Share experiences of other companies

Travel to a new environment, where you will have the opportunity to network with professionals from other companies and/or countries

Training materials, models, case studies and more

Ideal for three and less employees from same company

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