4th Annual R&D Innovation Excellence Summit: The Next Generation of Chemistry Solutions

The 4th Annual R&D Innovation Excellence Summit will take place during the International Chemistry Event (EXPOQUIMIA). This year’s summit will focus on Chemistry and will be held under the motto “Next Generation of Chemistry Solutions”. In today’s business world strengthening Research and Development (R&D) processes and looking for efficient ways is vital. The most successful strategies for achieving optimal innovation is the major part of any business. Thus, this summit is one of the most important opportunities, where you will explore the best practices for R&D in Chemistry by exploring the next generation of chemistry solutions. Moreover, approaches to developing fast, flexible and well-connected R&D processes, necessary to guarantee commercial viability and success of products/services will be explored. It is particularly important for the field’s key opinion leaders, most exciting newcomers, and others to come together to discuss and learn about current trends and the next generation of chemistry solutions. It will bring together experts from all levels including experts from the R&D, analytics, efficiency, testing, and quality assurance sectors. Join us in Barcelona in September and listen from our leading speakers, who are shaping the R&D in Chemistry.


  • Startup as a corporate innovation tool

  • Creativity & Innovation: how changing paradigm using immersive tools allows to speed up the production process

  • Digital Innovation From A Company Of Things

  • Innovation, IP Protection, and Time-to-Market for New Product Designs

  • Examining success stories in R&D efficiency: Insights on best-practices and latest R&D innovative strategies

  • Digital Transformation: A Never-Ending Opportunity

  • Effective product creation process and product lifecycle management

  • Open and Outsourced Innovation Frameworks

  • R&D portfolio optimization and its alignment with your company business strategy


  • Network with business development and licensing professionals as well as professionals focused on R&D on a global scale

  • Implement the latest innovations in R&D

  • Learn about the latest technologies and most pressing topics specific to your business

  • Get an overview on innovative emerging technologies in R&D and promote business partnerships within the sector

  • Interact and connect with leading R&D professionals

  • Discuss about new opportunities for your products and services with key decision makers




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